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Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus,


 ďMay the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for youĒ 1 Thessalonians 3:12.

            This month, God has greatly encouraged us in the midst of trials. When government and situations tried to hinder the work of God from going forward and it looked like the enemy had won, God sent us a word to keep pressing forward! We were unable to conduct outdoor revival in our branch in Kudapakkam care cell due to threats for our believers in that area and unable to hold our medical camp this month as we had hoped. But God sent a pastor from Chennai who didnít know about us or our ministry to speak to Pastor Samuel and he prayed and prophesied over everything that had happened in the ministries past and future promises that God had given to the family and it greatly encouraged us! We want to encourage you all to keep believing and pressing forward when all seems loss because Godís promises are yes and amen!


            We would like to thank everyone who helped in the school fundraiser for our orphan children. We were able to raise all of $1,050 for our childrenís upcoming school semester, we pray Godís blessing on everyone who gave!


            Our Vacation Bible School was a great success; we had a few children accept the Lord as their personal savior. These children are among the poorest class system in India and most of the Indian people donít even claim them as their own people but our heart is to reach the ďuntouchablesĒ and show them Godís love is to every person no matter of race, gender or caste system. We teach the children Christian songs, Bible stories with a skit, prayer and altar time, and then we give them a snack. We are so amazed how these children are so attentive without electronic entertainment and how a one crayon and picture to color will keep them happy for a long time.Many children came hungry, sick and without hope and as we fed them,  pray for them,  and treat wounds and make sure a parent is aware of illnesses the children would leave with a smile.

            Pastor Blesson and Kristina were invited to minister in a couple of churches in Chennai, India. The pastorís family was very hospitable and we had a mighty move of the spirit in both places. Their testimonies were encouraging of how God can change what man may think impossible!

The second Church we ministered to, the pastorís testimony was how he once was a drunkard on the street and now completely changed and now ministering to hundreds the gospel of Jesus Christ!








July/August 2015 Messenger - from Blesson Ministries Newsletter